AVR Automotive servicing car

As builders, we frequently hear clients talking about and recommending their local mechanic. What we found though is one name that keeps popping up, AVR Automotive. So for our building clients, we thought we’d try AVR out and provide a full review of our experience, which you can check out below.

Speed Of Service

As builders, we understand that there are lots of jobs going on which means it may take a while to get to a particular house, or in this case car. Despite that, AVR was extremely fast in their service. If you let them know what time you would like the car back by they do their best to accommodate your time schedule! That doesn’t mean we could say have it done within the hour, as it takes time to service a car, fix a car or install add ons. It was extremely impressive how quickly they handled our car and how accomodating they were with our time schedule.

Customer Service

The team at AVR Automotive were all extremely friendly. They were also very professional and trustworthy, which you can’t say for all mechanics! Many mechanics see that you don’t know much and try to squeeze money out for things you don’t need. AVR, however, provided honest services with no unnecessary upsells.


AVR has an impressive array of services including:

  • Suspension and Steering Services
  • Oil Service
  • Car Batteries
  • 4WD Touring
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Safety Certificates
  • Courtesy Cars
  • 24 Month Warranties
  • Auto Services
  • Car Air-Conditioning Service
  • Brakes
  • Radiator and System Cooling Service